Glenn Beck


$ 5,500
  • Original (Oil) - 48" x 48" - $43,200
  • Giclee Print (Signed) - $5,500
  • Giclee Print - $3,750
  • Poster Print - $100


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This is a portrait of Jesus at the very moment of His resurrection. Glenn was inspired to paint this while working on his rendition of the “Shroud of Turin,” the burial cloth that many believe to have been wrapped around Jesus in those sorrowful days in the tomb following the cross, miraculously imprinting our Savior’s face into the fabric.

Whether bought together with the “Shroud of Turin,” contrasting Jesus’ countenance in the tomb both before and after resurrection, or purchased as a stand-alone piece, this painting is a testimony to our Savior’s joy and peace that He offers to all of us.

Message from the artist:

While painting the shroud, it made me wonder, “What did Jesus’ face look like at the very moment of His resurrection? What if we had a shroud capturing the very moment when Jesus arose from death to life?”

The shroud painting captures the tired countenance of Jesus, having endured the suffering of the cross and peacefully awaiting His glorious resurrection. In contrast, the resurrected face of Jesus in this painting is happy now that the pain and suffering of the cross is over. His mouth is firm with determination to see His Father’s mission complete, yet His eyes compassionately gaze into those of the viewers, beckoning them to accept the joy and peace that He offers. His overall countenance is peaceful and relieved, that by His suffering, others can be saved and redeemed. That is what inspired this painting.

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