Glenn Beck

Boiler Maker

$ 4,500
  • Original (Oil) - 30" x 40" - $22,500
  • Giclee Print (Signed) - $4,500
  • Giclee Print - $2,750
  • Poster Print - $100


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Message from the artist:

This painting is a cover of a very famous photo from the 1930s. I wanted to capture the spirit of American industrialism that was such a pivotal point in our nation’s history. I love this painting because it simply depicts a young American man in his work clothes, sweaty, working hard, creating the machines that move us.

Originally, I had wanted this painting to be part of a larger series that warned about man’s worship of machines and his own power. As incredible as America’s industrial prowess is, we have to be ever cautious and vigilant to not let our power turn into self-worship, nor our machines a replacement of God Himself.

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