Glenn Beck

Follow the Prophet - Original

$ 22,500
  • Original (Oil) - 30" x 40" - $22,500

Message from the artist:

Prophets are given to us to lead during times of darkness and point us back to God. And boy, are we in a time of darkness and in desperate need of returning back to God.

One of the greatest prophets in the Bible is Moses. He led the Israelites out of the great darkness of slavery, oppression, and genocide into the light of God’s promised land. I wanted this painting to look like the darkness is coming right at you—it is imminent. Moses stands in the middle of the darkness reflecting the light of God and pointing people towards it.

I also wanted to capture the fact that Moses is a man. He’s not someone that we worship, but rather someone we are called to follow. I was inspired by the way Michelangelo depicted Adam’s hands in the Sistine Chapel and drew upon this design for Moses’ hands, pointing to the fact that he, even though chosen by God, is human.

This painting is a reminder that we are called to stand in the darkness, reflect God’s light, and point others towards the hope that comes from God alone.

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