Glenn Beck

Holocaust Jesus - Original

$ 13,500
  • Original (Oil) - 24" x 30" $13,500 

Message from the artist:

This painting is very personal for me. I painted this one because the Lord scolded me one day. I was complaining to Him about my job. I was complaining, “Please Lord, I can’t look at this stuff anymore. There’s so much suffering and evil in the world. Give me an answer on how to turn it around. Anything.”

The Lord has made it very clear to me over the years, “You’re supposed to warn. That is your job.” But in that moment, I was so weary, and I asked Him, “What else can I look at? What else can I report on? Is there anything else?”

This is how the Lord answered me: “You can look in a lot of places. But I am always in the center of every place you do not want to look. I am always in the center of the darkest places, because I am always comforting those in those places. I am with them. You can turn your face away from suffering, but you won’t find me there. You will find me in the suffering.”

I tried to bring what the Lord told me to life on the canvas. This painting pictures Christ if he had lived in Nazi Germany. He would likely have been in a concentration camp—as He would have wanted to. He delights in comforting those in the deepest suffering.

His prison uniform features the letters, “TCXC,” which are the Greek letters for “Jesus Christ.”

I’m not good enough to paint the face of Christ, but I wanted to remember the scolding that He gave me, reminding me that leading and encouraging people through suffering and darkness is where the heart of Christ dwells.

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