Glenn Beck

Tonto - Original

$ 39,150
  • Original (Oil) - 29" x 72" - $39,150

The Lone Ranger remains one of the most significant stories of the American West. The tales of these characters righting wrongs have appeared in radio and television series as well as other presentations throughout the 19th century western United States.

Starting with a radio show that lasted until 1954, a television show then ignited, which began in 1949 and continued through 1957. The legend of the Lone Ranger and Tonto have also been retold in various movies ranging from 1956 to 2013.

Glenn Beck captures Tonto, the noble Native American companion of the Lone Ranger with gun in hand. The popular American Western character, Tonto, is characterizer with broken english yet respected for being an articulate and proud warrior whom the Ranger treats as an equal partner. Tonto is widely known for using the pop-culture phrase "Kemosabe" as a nickname for his parter the Lone Ranger.

Surprisingly, Tonto was originally created as a filler character just so the Lone Ranger would have someone to speak to. After 11 radio episodes, the pair were solidified as the iconic duo remembered today.

In the 1950s, Tonto even starred in his own comic book, The Lone Ranger's Companion Tonto. There were 31 issues published by Dell Comics.

Through the years, Tonto's character has developed dynamically and shown to be a very witty, outspoken, and sarcastic character willing to punch the Lone Ranger during conflicts.

Adding cultural diversity and honorable union, Tonto enriches the Lone Ranger stories as they continue to live on through the times as a beloved American staple.

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